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Tushar Mokashi

Director of Policy Engagement and Strategic Partnerships at IHSC Assistant Director, Health Systems

Tushar Mokashi plays a central role in the overall management and research activities at IHSC, focusing on healthcare financing and policy research as an Assistant Director, Health Systems at ACCESS Health International. With over 13 years of experience in healthcare financing, Tushar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his roles. His educational background, though not explicitly mentioned, can be inferred to be robust and relevant to his extensive work in health policy and systems research.

Tushar’s dedication to improving healthcare financing and systems is evident through his comprehensive work in areas such as Health Accounts, analysis of government and private health expenditures, and Universal Health Coverage. His approach is deeply analytical, focusing on strategic purchasing, costing of health services, and the development of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), all aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of health systems.

His significant contributions to over 50 pivotal government and private sector reports, including four consecutive rounds of National Health Accounts for India, underscore his impact on healthcare policy and financing. Tushar’s collaborative work with key government and quasi-government agencies demonstrates his ability to navigate complex policy environments, making him a valuable asset to the healthcare community.

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Assistant Director, Health Systems at ACCESS Health International (Current Position):

Tushar Mokashi, as Assistant Director, Health Systems at ACCESS Health International, leads vital healthcare financing and systems research. He engages closely with policymakers, aiming to shape impactful health policies. Additionally, Tushar is dedicated to mentoring young researchers, enhancing their skills and contributions to the field. His work bridges the gap between research, policy, and practical application, aiming to advance health systems globally. His role is pivotal in fostering innovation and collaboration in healthcare research and policy development.

Healthcare Financing Team at National Health Systems Resource Centre, New Delhi:

In his pivotal role within the healthcare financing team at the National Health Systems Resource Centre in New Delhi, Tushar Mokashi was instrumental in providing ongoing technical support on critical healthcare financing issues. His contributions were aimed at the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and various State Governments, significantly shaping national health financing policies. Tushar’s expertise and efforts were central to the development and implementation of strategies that enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare financing across India.

Collaborations with Government and Quasi-Government Agencies

Tushar has a distinguished track record of successful collaborations with key government and quasi-government bodies, including NITI Aayog, Finance Commissions, and various Ministries of Health. These partnerships underscored his adeptness in engaging with and influencing high-level stakeholders within the health policy arena. His work with these agencies facilitated the integration of comprehensive health financing strategies into national health policy, demonstrating his capacity to navigate and unify diverse policy environments for the betterment of healthcare systems.

Academic Contributions:

Tushar Mokashi’s resume, rich with academic contributions and professional achievements, indicates a robust foundation in health economics, policy, and systems research. His role in co-authoring books and authoring numerous research papers underlines a profound commitment to expanding the knowledge base within healthcare financing. These endeavors, coupled with his extensive experience, demonstrate Tushar’s deep dedication to enhancing health systems and financing in India, highlighting his expertise in policy engagement, research, and building meaningful partnerships in the healthcare sector.


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