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Tushar Mokashi

Assistant Director




Tushar Mokashi is a valued contributor to IHSC, where he plays a pivotal role in management and research. His expertise extends to healthcare financing and research efforts at Access Health International, and he brings with him more than 13 years of experience as a healthcare financing professional.

Tushar’s primary areas of focus encompass a wide spectrum of critical aspects, including Health Accounts, in-depth analysis of government and private health expenditures, Public Financial Management, Strategic Purchasing, Universal Health Coverage, the costing of health services, Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), and health systems research. He has co-authored two books and an impressive portfolio of 15 research papers, in addition to contributing to over 50 pivotal Government and Private sector reports, which notably include four consecutive rounds of National Health Accounts for India.

Having collaborated with key government and quasi-government agencies under the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, including NITI Aayog (formerly the Planning Commission), Finance Commissions (both 13th and 14th), Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Ministry of Tribal Affairs, among others, Tushar has amassed extensive experience. His reach extends to all 29 State Government Health Departments in India, reflecting his far-reaching impact in the healthcare landscape.

In his capacity as Assistant Director – Health Systems at ACCESS Health International, Tushar is entrusted with critical responsibilities that encompass conducting comprehensive health systems and policy research, engaging with policymakers, and facilitating the development of young researchers’ capacities. His dedication and expertise are invaluable assets to the IHSC community.

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