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At the Indian Health Systems Collaborative (IHSC), We aim to propel research that is both independent and relevant. IHSC is dedicated to playing a pivotal role in promoting evidence-based policymaking in India. Our objective is to bridge the gap between research and policy through active engagement in collaborative efforts that yield tangible results, fostering a dialogue with policymakers to inform and shape future health reforms.

IHSC has showcased its collaborative research capacity, culminating in the successful completion of two rounds of research studies. This underscores our commitment to collaborative research, solidifying our reach and impact. These studies have yielded invaluable insights, resulting in the production of working papers, policy briefs, and journal publications.

IHSC’s dedication to rigorous research and knowledge dissemination is instrumental in shaping evidence-based policy interventions and fortifying India’s health system to effectively address the nation’s diverse health challenges.

Research Studies

IHSC is currently rolling out the third round of its research studies, comprising 9 studies as part of the Care Coordination Pathways initiative. To fortify research methodology, we plan to organize regional technical workshops in collaboration with esteemed institutions such as CMC Vellore and St. John’s Institute. The studies are

Triaging and completing patient case records in an EHR before a patient meets a doctor (digitally or physically)
Assessing prescription practices and developing online training for clinicians, staff nurses etc
Integrated appointment system
Patient feedback system
Beneficiary/ Patient Experience Tracking System
Facility-based Ranking System
Rating of all providers (hospitals run by State/ AB-PMJAY SHA/ ESIC)
Smart payment systems
Strategic purchasing assistance to all Empaneled Health Care Providers (EHCPs)

Processes of



Staying true to its commitment to policy relevant research, IHSC invests time and resources in understanding research and policy priorities before any research study is
undertaken It consults diverse health systems stakeholders to understand current policy challenges. Following this, research topics are shortlisted in consultation with the core team of the collaborative.


Commissioning the studies

Once the research areas are finalized, the secretariat floats the Requests for Proposal.
Research proposals are then reviewed and scored by a core Technical Advisory
Committee. The Secretariat sees through the process of technical evaluation of
proposals and finally commissioning the studies.


Selection of the Research Team

It is mandatory to execute the research
studies in collaboration with at least one
research partner. IHSC ensures that the
research team has adequate
representation from mid-career and
young researchers. Senior members of
the team are chosen as technical leads
who provide technical mentorship
younger researchers during the course of
the study.


Review by Technical Advisory Committee

The committee is the technical sounding board for all the research work undertaken. It is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the technical robustness of the research outputs produced. The committee conducts midterm and end term review of all research studies. Studies are finalized upon the approval of the TAC.


Continuous engagement with Policymakers

Once studies are underway, regular engagement with policymakers is maintained to
ensure that studies progress in alignment with the policy needs.


Dissemination of finding

Research studies are published in scientific journals. Moreover, study findings are
disseminated across the community of health systems professionals and at relevant
platforms. Policy briefs are produced based on the reports for quick consumption by