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Policymaker Engagement

At IHSC, our research is intricately tied to addressing current policy challenges. Through rigorous priority-setting, we align research topics with the needs of policymakers and health systems decision-makers. Our commitment to evidence-based policymaking involves continuous engagement with officials throughout studies, ensuring relevance and impact.

Policy engagement goes beyond the government, involving stakeholders throughout the health systems community. IHSC engages in a mentor-mentee program, fostering knowledge exchange and producing policy briefs for evidence-based policymaking. Our hosted events bring together policymakers, researchers, and local partners, serving as collaborative platforms to advance health systems through research, encouraging significant discussions and sharing of knowledge.


Annual Conference

To showcase our work and critical findings, we organize a high-level policy conference in partnership with the government every year. The conference has representation from across the diverse health systems community. The conference presents an opportunity to members to present their work to a wide audience.