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Maulik Chokshi

Deputy Country Director

Maulik Chokshi, as the Deputy Country Director at ACCESS Health International, orchestrates the strategic direction, management, and research initiatives at IHSC. With an extensive background exceeding two decades in the health sector, Maulik brings unparalleled expertise and leadership to health systems projects across India. His tenure includes eight transformative years at the Public Health Foundation of India and a key advisory position at IMS Health, showcasing his breadth of experience in public health and healthcare information.

Mauliks work spans crucial health system policies and capacity-building efforts, touching on areas such as medicine procurement and pricing, immunization programs, maternal and child health, and healthcare financing. His influence extends beyond the Indian context, reaching into sub-Saharan Africa, the Mekong region, and the Middle East. Maulik’s scholarly contributions are significant, with over 50 reports for national and international bodies and 45 peer-reviewed articles to his name.

In his pivotal role as Deputy Country Director (Technical), Maulik elevates ACCESS Health India’s status as a beacon of thought leadership in health systems strengthening. He focuses on producing high-caliber research and fostering connections with esteemed researchers and practitioners globally and locally. His leadership in initiatives like the Global Learning Collaborative for Health Systems Resilience (GLC4HSR) and the India Health Systems Collaborative (IHSC) is instrumental in advancing health systems resilience and capacity.

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Deputy Country Director, ACCESS Health International (Current Position):

Maulik Chokshi serves as the Deputy Country Director at ACCESS Health International, where he leads strategic planning, management, and research for health systems initiatives in India. His role is crucial in shaping and implementing health policies, ensuring the organization’s efforts align with national health objectives and contributing to global health systems strengthening.

Public Health Foundation of India

During his eight-year tenure at the Public Health Foundation of India, Maulik was instrumental in advancing public health practices and policies. His leadership and contributions in this period were pivotal in addressing complex health challenges, emphasizing the development of sustainable health systems and improving healthcare delivery across India.

Advisor, IMS Health

As an advisor to IMS Health, Maulik provided strategic insights into healthcare information and technology. His expertise supported the development of analytics and data-driven solutions to improve healthcare outcomes, demonstrating his ability to bridge the gap between information technology and healthcare improvement.

Research and Publications

Maulik Chokshi has authored and co-authored more than 50 reports for various national and international agencies, alongside an impressive portfolio of 45 peer-reviewed publications. His research work spans a broad range of health systems topics, from medicine procurement and pricing to maternal and child health, significantly contributing to the body of knowledge in public health and healthcare financing.


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