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A Study On Telemedicine Services With Respect To Quality, Standardization, Specialty, Accessibility, Affordability and Referral Mechanisms

Anupama Sharma

Determining the Economic Burden of Diagnostic Delay for Colo-Rectal Cancer Care in India.

Dr. Ashis Samuel John

Need for Public Health Act and Regulations: Ensuring Citizens Rights for Positive Health Outcomes

Jacob Islary MSW, PhD

Strengthening Policy Interventions at the Primary Health Care Level to Achieve Universal Oral Health Coverage in Karnataka, India

Rajeev B R

Roles, Responsibilities of Village Health and Sanitation and Nutrition Committees (VHSNC) and its Future Scope of Opportunities in Improving Access to Care – A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis and Participatory Rural Appraisal

Sathish Rajaa

Development of a Framework to Guide Non-Communicable Disease(NCD) Risk Reduction Training in Undergraduate Nursing Curriculum


The Barriers and Facilitators for the Utilization of eSanjeevani AB-HWC and eSanjeevani OPD in Karnataka, India

Dr Sulochanadevi B C

Inequity in Distribution of Health Infrastructure, Human Resources Including Specialists and its Correlation with Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Outcomes in India