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A Study on Telemedicine Services With Respect To Quality, Standardization, Specialty, Accessibility, Affordability And Referral Mechanisms

Anupama Sharma

Executive Summary


Telemedicine services in the country come under the combined jurisdiction of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Department of Information Technology. Telemedicine division of MoHFW, GOI has set up a National Telemedicine Portal for implementing a green field project on e-health establishing a National Medical College Network (NMCN) for interlinking the Medical Colleges across the country with the purpose of e-Education and a National Rural Telemedicine Network for e-Healthcare delivery.


In view of roll out of National Digital Health Mission and Health and Wellness centers (HWC) it is important to assess the telemedicine as integrated intervention in public health care service delivery. It is essential to understand dimensions of affordability, accessibility, quality standards, and continuum of care (referral) so as to achieve better health outcomes through telemedicine. The objective is to do the classification of Prescription as per treatment appropriateness; to assess completeness of prescription; to assess & understand the benefits of e-prescription in comparison to manual prescription and to assess the beneficiary’s perspective on ‘AAA’ outcomes (Acceptability, Accessibility & Affordability)

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